Monday, December 19, 2011

Of Even Greater Joy

Dear sister and brother travelers and followers of the way;

With you I share the joy of anticipation of even greater joy:

It is the joy that comes in the assurance of God’s love for us and God’s eternal presence with us.
In the coming days we will celebrate God’s desire and initiative to be present with us in the person of Jesus, the child born to Mary and Joseph.

However we choose to celebrate this season, it will be a blessing, if this is the truth at its core:
God’s love for us is revealed to us in the birth of Jesus.

In him we receive the essence of God’s mercy, forgiveness, justice and peace.

Because Jesus showed the way, we have the promise of life eternal.

These are gifts, gifts of God. In Christ, we are blessed to receive them. 

Yes, we know that these are also difficult times for people throughout this land and around the world.

So let us be mindful that the God of our blessing also calls us to be servants in the service of humankind.

An even greater joy is the joy that comes as we show compassion and generosity through acts of love and the quest for justice and care for all of God’s children and creation. 

This we do in the name of Jesus, born of Mary and Joseph, who in the fullness of time grew to become our savior and liberator. 

May peace, blessings and the joy of this sacred season be yours this Christmas and throughout the year to come.

Geoffrey A. Black
General Minster and President
United Church of Christ

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